Reimagine what is possible through deeply personal work and shared experiences.

Programming will go beyond the traditional workshop format to integrating movement, creative expression, sound and speech to serve each person’s unique journey. Program pillars and related questions to be explored include:

SELF: Deepen self-knowledge, self-care and self-love

  • What is your story of self?
  • What are your guiding values and beliefs?
  • What are your greatest gifts and how can you nurture them?

COMMUNITY: Evolve your experience of togetherness

  • What do you seek to cultivate in your community?
  • Do you feel satisfied in your current experience of community?
  • What practices can support you in building the community you desire?

SOCIETY: Strengthen your unique impact on the world

  • How do you define impact?  
  • What is your personal purpose or mission?
  • How can you apply your gifts to solve the problems that concern you most?